Game type: Find the treasure
80 minutos
Dificulty: Adaptable

What makes us different?

Set in the ancient Egypt, music, lights, decoration will bring you to the past. They will make you feel like a true explorer in a secret chamber of the pyramid.
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This game is different from most escape rooms. We want you to feel like an explorer and not like an "escape" player. Forget searching in every corner of the room, here interpretation prevails over search. Find the meaning of paintings, sculptures and objects in your environment.

The resolution of the enigmas is very different and goes beyond numbers, codes and combinations. Open your mind, you will need to use all your skills.


How do I Book?

You can make a booking from this website and this is the only way to do it. Phone and walk-in reservations are not possible.

Payment options

Only card payments will be accepted, VISA or MasterCard.

Can I cancel a booking?

Yes, you can cancel a booking. We will refund you with a discount voucher. Discount amount will be of 100% if your cancellation is earlier than 48 hours before the hour of your reservation. Later than 48 hours before the reservation the voucher will be 20€ less as a reservation fee. In any case no money will be refunded, only discount vouchers.

How do I cancel?

Just contact us. As a reference we will take the hour when you have sent your message.

Can I modify the hour of a booking?

The only way to modify a booking is to cancel it and to do another booking. Contact us and we will manage to do it.

Can I modify the people number?

If your are going to come with a smaller group you don't need to notify it, but if you can do it earlier than 24 hours before we will refund you the corresponding amount. If you are going to come with a bigger group please contact us and we will provide you with a link to pay the difference.


Mobile phones are allowed?

No. You must leave them in a curfew at the entrance as well as any other personal belonging you need to leave.

Is there a minimum age? Kids are allowed?

Anyone older than 16 years can book. If there is someone younger than 16 years in the group it must be at least one adult.

Is wheelchair accessible?

Yes. The whole course is accessible and free of obstacles.

Do I need to carry or wear anything?

No, you can dress as you like. We will provide with everything you need.

Are there restrooms?

No. No restrooms are available for public use.


When should I arrive?

We will start with a short briefing at the exact time of your reservation, you don't need to come earlier. After the briefing the game will take 80 minutes. We will let you some time margin, but if you arrive too late the 80 minutes could be reduced. When finish we will spend some time discussing your play and celebrating your success if it occurs. You will spend 100 minutes in total approximately.

It will be too difficult for us?

The difficulty adapts dynamically to any team so that you can enjoy the experience throughout the whole game. With no help it is a difficult game suitable for the best escapist teams, but if you are in trouble the Egyptian Gods will help you to go on.

Is it a terror experience?

We don't consider it as a terror experience. You won't find any violence or blood scene. But the atmosphere could be a bit disturbing and you could have scared in specific moments.


Yes. But the experience is focused for adults.