Follow the traces of a famous missing archaeologist. Make your way inside the pyramid by solving all the puzzles to get the Keops Sacred Scarab.

Tiempo de juego 90 minutos 80
Numero de jugadores 2-6
Edad minima Minimum
1 Adult/s
Edad recomendada Not recommended
Under 10 years old
Dificultad Type
Prices (Choose how much you pay now)
2 People 60 € Perfect for skilled people that doesn't want to miss any detail
3 People 70 € An extra help never hurts
4 People 80 € Perfect balance to have fun with family or friends and get able to solve all the enigmas
5 People 90 € That's a good choice if your priority is to play in that story with family or friends
6 People 100 € Requires organization if you don't want to miss details about challenges your team may be already solved
Deposit only 20 € Pay only a deposit now and you will pay the difference in the place depending of the number of people
Thursday 18/07/24 11:30
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