Space Project Half

Play half of the story Space Project. You will choose between 1st or 2nd chapter
Cleopatra expedition was sent to space in order to find evidences about the egyptian civilization out in space. Many years after the crew of the Keops Space Project must depart in a new mission to find the lost ship, figure out what happened and finish the Cleopatra task and then, the most difficult, return to earth.
It is nonsense to select the 2nd chapter if you have not played the 1st before.

Tiempo de juego 90 minutos 90
Numero de jugadores 2-6
Edad minima Minimum
2 Adult/s
Edad recomendada Not recommended
Under 10 years old
Dificultad Type
Prohibido tacones Forbidden
Prices (Choose how much you pay now)
2 People 70 € Perfect for skilled people that doesn't want to miss any detail
3 People 80 € An extra help never hurts
4 People 90 € Perfect balance to have fun with family or friends and get able to solve all the enigmas
5 People 105 € That's a good choice if your priority is to play in that story with family or friends
6 People 120 € Requires organization if you don't want to miss details about challenges your team may be already solved
Deposit only 20 € Pay only a deposit now and you will pay the difference in the place depending of the number of people