Which game to choose?

Sacred Scarab is aimed at those who especially like to solve puzzles without neglecting the setting. The puzzles are complicated but consistent, trying things randomly or systematically is the last thing you will find here. Forget also rummaging in every corner of the room, here the priority is not research but interpretation. Look for meaning in paintings, sculptures and objects around you.

Space Project is an adventure where you will find tests of all kinds: skill, logic, research, memory... But above all it is to live a first-person movie experience. The setting, the music created for every moment of the game, the special effects and the story are the main attraction of this adventure.

¿What is to play Space Project HALF?

Keops Space Project is an adventure that could be divided in 2 chapters. Every chapter is 90 minutes long. You can choose to play in separate sesions or to play both chapters consecutively, this way you will have 180 minutes. You can play only the first chapter and decide further if you want to play the second chapter. To play directly the second chapter has no sense so you will have to imagine part of the history.

What makes us different?

All the mechanisms and tests in our rooms are automatic. This means that it is never the Game Master (a person overseeing the experience) who evaluates your actions to activate a mechanism. If you solve all the tests correctly you could end the game without any supervision.
No solution will be random. We don't have any proof that is systematically solved, everything has an explanation somewhere.
The music of our adventures has been created specifically for us.


How do I make a reservation?

You can book through this website and it's the only way to do it, you can't book by phone or in person unless it's for some exceptional reason

How much do I have to pay to book?

Option 1: Pay the total of the activity when making the reservation and forget about it.
Option 2: Make a payment only to reserve and pay the difference at the establishment after performing the activity..

Can I cancel a reservation?

Yes. You can cancel the reservation. The refund will be made in the form of a discount voucher to make a new reservation, in no case will the amount be returned. The voucher will be 100% of the amount if canceled up to 48 hours before the time of the reservation. When there are less than 48 hours left for the reserved time, the amount corresponding to the payment and signal will be deducted.

How do I cancel a reservation?

Put in contact with us. The time when the message was sent will be taken as a reference..

Can I change the time of a reservation?

Contact us and we will find another time that is available.

Can I change the number of people in the group?

More or less people than those marked on the reservation may come without prior notice, but always without exceeding the maximum allowed.
If fewer people come than you had already paid, we will refund the difference.
If more people come than you had paid, you will pay the difference in the place when the activity is finished.


Can I use my mobile phone?

No. You will have a locker where you must leave your mobile phone before entering the room. You can also leave other objects you consider.

Is there a minimum age? Can I come with children?

Anyone over the age of 16 can book. If there are any children under the age of 16 in the group, there must also be a certain number of adults, check the conditions for each game.

Is it suitable for people with wheelchairs or mobility problems?

In Sacred Scarab the entire itinerary is accessible and free of obstacles.
Space Project has some challenges and some room changes that will have to be done with help or through one of the emergency doors.
In any case, contact us before coming and we will try to put all the facilities within our reach.

Do I have to wear or carry anything special?

Heels are not allowed at Space Project, other than that you can dress however you want and you won't need anything that isn't provided here.
Never leave your glasses before going to an Escape Room if you need them.

Is there WC?

At Sacred Scarab you can go to the toilet before starting the activity.
At Space Project you will find the WC once the activity has started..


Do I have to come early?

It is interesting that you arrive 10 minutes before the scheduled time. The introduction will start no later than the time you booked and will last about 5 minutes. At the end, we will also allocate a few minutes to explain any doubts you may have or simply to celebrate the success of the expedition! Therefore, the total time you will be there will be the time of the activity plus about 15 minutes.
If you arrive late we reserve the right to reduce the playing time so that the following groups are not affected.

Will it be too difficult for us?

The difficulty dynamically adapts to any team so that you can enjoy the experience throughout the course of the game. Unaided is a tough challenge suitable for the best escapers, but if you struggle you'll receive hints to help you progress to the next challenge.

Will I be scared? Is it horror?

We don't consider it a horror experience. You won't find any scenes of violence or blood, but the environment can be disturbing and there may be some scares.

Is it suitable for children?

The experience is focused on adults and works very well also with families where the children will be able to solve many tests and feel an important part of the team, but we do not recommend coming with the idea that it is the children who solve it all under adult supervision.